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My three lectures „BE BRIGHT – self-confident and sovereign – always and everywhere“,“THE REALITY DISTORTIONFIELD how to create new realities for the markets of tomorrow“ and „CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ABOUT HUMAN BEINGS“ Overcome boundaries and experience breakthroughs for a life beyond the masses „will expand your horizon and give you a completely new perspective! My goal is to help you to finally take advantage of your chances in life and lead a fulfilled life – your desired life. I help you to dissolve inner and outer constraints, to become clear about your true goals in life, to shape your life self-confidently and self-determined, to make your life goals support your habit and to find and live joy and fulfillment. I really want you to find out what moves your heart and what makes you really happy, because that is how success comes naturally. Meeting expectations is not easy, but I promise you that I will surpass your and your employees‘ expectations and I give you my personal guarantee that you will be more than satisfied and take something precious for life.

Welcome, Your Christoph Ulrich Mayer

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